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The happiest place on earth

Boarded by two oceans and bridging the Americas, Costa Rica is a beautiful tropical country located in Central America.  Costa Rica means ‘rich coast’, which isn’t just a reflection of its vast rainforests, volcanoes, beaches, animal, bird and flora species.  It’s evident in its varied climate zones and regions, cultural influences and world visitors.  A land of peace and biodiversity and a global example of environmental stewardship, Costa Rica seeks to become the first carbon neutral country by 2021.  It is a land of democracy, literacy and equality.  Costa Rica consistently received top honours as one of the happiest place on earth to live

Known as a playground for the adventurous and a destination for eco-luxury vacation experiences, Costa Rica is an unspoiled natural beauty and a travel haven for those looking for something different.

Come and Explore.  Costa Rica is waiting for you.

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Travel Facts About Costa Rica

  • Entry Requirements

    A valid passport and return ticket are the minimum entry requirements.  A tourist Visa or passport entry stamp is valid for up to 90 days.

  • Documentation

    Tourists are expected to travel in public with their passports at all times

  • Language

    Spanish is the national language. English is often found in rural or popular tourists areas. A translation phone app or a downloadable translation guide is recommended

  • Currency

    The national currency is the Colon. The American dollar is widely accepted with an exchange rate approx. 598 colones = 1 USD. You can find ATM’s around the country that dispense both currencies. Traveller’s cheques are very difficult to redeem

  • Electricity Use

    Costa Rica uses 110 volt, 60 cycle electricity, same as the US. Plugs are typically the 2 pronged variety, so North American travelers do not need a converter or adapter.  The country enacted its first official electrical safety code (based on US standards) in 2012

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