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Playa del Coco

Oldest beach community of Guanacaste

Situated in the northwestern region of Costa Rica, in the area called the Papagayo Golf Penisula of Guanacaste Province, Playas del Coco is the perfect tropical paradise with all the conveniences you are used to.

Located less than 30 mins from the Daniel Oduber Quirós International airport in Liberia, and 5 hrs from San Jose, this historical and vibrant fishing village turned beach town continues to advance in infrastructure, attracting both local and international tourists year-round.

Stretching 3 kilometers from point to point, Playa del Coco (aka El Coco or Coco beach) is known for its water sports and fishing activities.  Recreational & fishing boats regularly dot these calm waters, perfect for swimming.  The beach sand is a dark gray-brown colour and the temperature is consistently warm year round with little rain.  A winding boardwalk caresses the beach with water fountains, a skate and basketball park, beachfront bars and eateries, street vendors, views of the horseshoe-shaped hillside and a police station.

Visitors to Playas Del Coco will find 5 banks, 4 supermarkets, 2 gyms, over 70+ family-friendly and upscale restaurants, 24/7 medical clinics, car/bike/golf-cart rentals, a computer store, a variety of shops and dozens of bars to enjoy.  Coco Beach is a safe, family-friendly town.  After sunset adults and couples regularly take in its vibrant night life.

Playas del Coco is an excellent base from which to further explore other areas of Guanacaste or the country.  Neighbouring beach towns such as Playa Ocotol, Playa Hermosa, Playa Penca, Playa Junquillal and Playa Flamingo offer picturesque beaches with sand ranging in colour from tan to white and pink!

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Fast Facts About Playa Del Coco

  • Average Temperature

    High season – 91° F (32° C) average during the high season; Low season – 71° F (21° C) average

  • Landscape

    Beach, Dry Forest


  • Altitude

    Sea Level to 300 ft (100 m)

  • High Season

    The “winter” season where trees shed their leaves.  Holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter are very busy

  • Low (Green) Season

    The “spring” season where trees has more foliage on the surrounding hillsides with regular afternoon showers

  • Crowd Level

    Can be crowded in the high season, esp around Christmas, New Years and Easter

  • Residents

    Locals call themselves “coqueños” (from Coco), many North American expats of different ages live in the area and surrounding towns

  • International events

    The town played host to the Coco Run Marathon (2013-2017), La Voz del Pescador (fishing) International Tournament (2017), Ironman triathlon (2017, 2018, 2019).  Nearby towns of Conchal, Guanacaste will host the 2018 PGA Tour Latinoamerica and Tamarindo hosted the Underground Electronica Ocaso Music Festival

  • Transportation

    Taxis and Buses avail.  For organized excursions & day-trips, expect free pick-up/drop-off services in your excursion cost.  Golf cart, bike and car rentals are widely avail.  Most people walk or ride golf carts around town given Casa Emerald Palms proximity to the downtown core

  • ATM & Banks

    Several banks right in town that dispenses USD and Colones

  • Gas stations

    Yes, on main route to Playa Ocotal and Sardinal

  • WiFi & Internet cafés

    Internet cafes are not common. Most businesses in Coco have reliable WiFi service

  • Cell Phone Reception

    Very reliable

  • Restaurants & Bars

    Local to fine dining is available.  Majority of restaurants, bars and eateries are local, family-run establishments.  International franchises include: Subway sandwich, Papa John’s Pizza food truck, Gollo Chicken (like KFC in Costa Rica) and HardRock Cafe.  A short drive back into Liberia provide access to a Burger King, McDonalds and KFC

  • Payments & Gratuities

    All restaurant and bar invoices will include a 13% gratuity.  No need to tip!  If you pay in USD, expect to receive the equivalent change in Colones

  • Nearest medical facilities & Pharmacies

    Public hospital in Liberia (35 min) or private clinic Clinica Biblica (25 min). Many local clinics around town

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