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Our Commitment

Sustainability is deeply rooted in the principle that everything we need and do is directly or indirectly connected to our environment.  Sustainable luxury is a mindset of style and substance…that you don’t have to sacrifice cost, comfort or care at the expense of mistreating the environment.

For us, sustainable luxury living is our passion and purpose.  We recognize our environmental responsibility, yet we aim to provide renters and the travelling community with affordable, luxurious and eco-friendly living suites or vacation rental homes.  All our rental suites, including Casa Emerald Palms, follow this principle.

By providing our Guests the opportunity to experience living sustainability while travelling in Costa Rica, our hope is that they will continue similar efforts upon returning home.  Together, we can take pride in collectively ‘doing the right thing’ as global citizens protecting our fragile and ever-changing environment.

Our Sustainability Efforts

  • Renovation & Construction

    Renovating without causing harm to the environment, choosing instead to ‘up-cycle’ or donate quality construction materials

  • Charitable Efforts

    Giving back to local communities with physical and financial donations that improve the lives of Costa Ricans and local conservation projects

  • Clever Design

    Designing vacation rental & long-term rental suites that comfortably integrate both interior and exterior spaces

  • Landscaping

    Landscaping with local exotic plants and flowers native to Costa Rica

  • Native Woods

    Sourcing products made from renewable resources such as bamboo and local hardwoods

  • Re-fillable Toiletries

    Providing Re-fillable Toiletries Dispensers for easy cleanup


    To minimize the use of plastic wrap or storage bags that can harm the sea turtles and wildlife

  • (Coming)

    Implementing an in-suite recycling program at Casa Emerald Palms, allowing for recyclable goods to be conveniently picked up and dropped off at area recycling depots

  • Smart Technology

    Equipping our rental homes with ‘smart technology’ allowing for better monitoring and usage of local resources such as electricity

  • Water Purification System

    UV filtered tap water to eliminate single use plastics such as water bottles and straws

  • Reduced Water Consumption

    Proving a re-fillable Brita water pitcher for guest use to discourage bottled water consumption, Low flow shower heads, faucets and toilets

  • Energy Efficiency

    Furnishing our homes and suites with energy-efficient devices and appliances


    Providing re-usable shopping bags for guest use

  • LED & Motion Lighting

    Using LED, solar and motion lighting in all light fixtures – esp. high traffic areas

  • Farm-to-Table-Dining

    Recommending family-run establishments that emphasize locally grown or caught food

  • Earth-friendly cleaning products

    Stocking our homes with eco-friendly and cruelty-free cleaning products for guest and administrative uses

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